The costumer is king at Epta Germany


Customers often don't even notice it; they are only interested in the products inside. However, for the grocery retailer, before purchasing the refrigeration unit, it's not just a matter of choosing which model to select. They also need to ensure that it operates around the clock after installation. Especially during particularly hot summers, it can be a challenge to quickly get a service technician in the event of a breakdown. With its nationwide service network, Epta is already very well positioned in this area. At the service center in Mannheim, a contact person is available around the clock, 365 days a year. There, spare parts can be ordered and technicians can be requested.

Maintenance without interruption

"Maintenance is a crucial component of our service because it ensures high availability and reliability of the systems. Refrigeration units must run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is why operational safety is paramount. Epta's technicians possess specialized expertise in maintenance and work in dedicated teams. The advantage for our customers: Maintenance can always be carried out on schedule and as planned. "Our teams are equipped with vehicles specifically designed for these tasks," says Klaus Corban."

Expanded service regions

Service is a crucial cornerstone for Epta, as well as for its customers. Therefore, the company continues to expand it by hiring more refrigeration technicians. This ensures more technicians are available for refrigeration system breakdowns and maintenance tasks. Repairs can be completed more quickly, minimizing the downtime of refrigeration units. Furthermore, there's another change aimed at enhancing service for customers: Previously, Germany was divided into three regions – South, Central, and North. However, the North region grew significantly, leading Epta to split it into North and East. This change has also been implemented in the service center, resulting in the establishment of an additional Eastern dispatch group. Customers in the East region benefit from having additional dedicated contacts for all service-related matters and shorter response times.

Losses in sales in system gastronomy

Retail operations continued more or less smoothly during the pandemic, but the landscape of the restaurant industry changed significantly," reports service manager Klaus Corban. "Restaurants shifted to drive-thru and takeout services, resulting in less usage of machines and, consequently, less frequent maintenance needs." Equipment orders were postponed, and maintenance appointments were canceled. For Epta's service division, this translated to a 30 percent decrease in revenue in 2020. However, Klaus Corban remains optimistic: "Tasks postponed last year will need to be addressed once restaurants reopen. This will lead to an increase in equipment orders for us."