Epta Edeka

Dominik Steffen Schneider also equipped his fourth Edeka store in the Palatinate with refrigeration technology from Epta. He swears by closed refrigeration cabinets and is enthusiastic about furniture with push lids. He uses the modular Eco2Middle refrigeration system for his 1,500 square meter sales area.

At the foot of Hambach Castle, vines are lined up after vines and in between, the new Edeka Schneider market is idyllically located next to a small vineyard - with a direct view of the castle. Operator Dominik Steffen Schneider has repeatedly taken up the connection to the region, the southern wine route around Neustadt in der Pfalz, in the market. For example, with a representation of the castle on the wall above the checkout area or with the large regional range that he presents prominently in front of him or at the beginning of a row of shelves: from coffee and flour to honey, jam and pasta to wine, which comes from one within a radius of less than 25 kilometers. 

Only closed refrigerators 

The newly built Edeka Schneider in Hambach opened its doors in August 2022. When taking a tour, the long refrigerated shelf front is particularly eye-catching: customers can find dairy products, packaged sausages and cheese there over a length of 35 meters. “Our customers can look from one side to the other through the sloping outer wall and thus have an overview of the entire offering,” explains Dominik Steffen Schneider. “For this we decided on the tall, closed refrigerated shelf SkyView Plus from Epta. It looks classy in black and the doors don't bother anyone anymore, on the contrary, they actually only have advantages." When the businessman talks about advantages, he doesn't just mean the more pleasant climate in the sales room that is created by the closed furniture, but also the lower energy costs for cooling. “The market in Hambach is my largest and at the same time the one with the lowest energy consumption,” adds Dominik Steffen Schneider. 

Reliable partner 

When building its first store in Neustadt's core town, the decision went in favor of Epta for the first time. “When I was planning the equipment for my second store, it was clear from the start that I would purchase the refrigeration technology from Epta,” remembers the self-employed businessman. “I had now experienced that when I called Epta, someone was there straight away.” The new store in Hambach is now the fourth to be equipped with refrigeration technology and refrigeration cabinets from Epta. become a partner; “I really appreciate having Mr. Poggemann as a contact person for all questions about refrigeration technology,” says Dominik Steffen Schneider. 

Saving time behind the meat counter 

A visual highlight of the refrigeration technology is in the department for meat, sausage, cheese and fish: the Bistrot service counter from the Epta brand Eurocryor. The individually produced counter extends over 17 meters and is equipped with glazed lifting disks. The oak wood decor harmonizes with the entire market furnishings and appears very natural. Two roundels and a self-service unit for packaged cheese interrupt the glass front. “We deliberately integrated the self-service counter because customers like to take something with them here - either if they have to wait longer at the service counter or if they have forgotten something there and don't want to stand in the queue again,” reveals the store manager . “We use the two roundels to present seasonal dishes and antipasti. They are an eye-catcher and very practical for the employees behind the counter: because the plate in them can be rotated, they can easily be accessed anywhere.” The 3.75 meter long meat counter is equipped with the dynamic system and a night blind. This means that the humidity remains constantly above 90 percent even without a humidifier. Meat and sausage products no longer have to be cleared out in the evening and can remain in the counter overnight - a real work relief. “The employees only have to take the meat out on the weekend to clean the furniture. “That really saves time,” says Schneider. “And compared to the meat counters in other markets, you notice that the meat there dries out more quickly.” Edeka Schneider also offers its customers fresh fish in a bistro counter. Here, the ice tubs with flake ice can be used for whole, fresh or prepared fish.

Refrigerated cabinets with push lids 

In the frozen food area, Dominik Steffen Schneider chose the Cosmos Perform furniture from the Bonnet Névé brand with oak wood decor. The four islands, each 6.25 meters long, create a very clear area. Thanks to the push lids, which open backwards, two customers can easily serve each other without the lid getting in each other's way.

For the composite system, the choice fell on Eco2Middle, the new CO2 refrigeration system from Epta, which was developed for supermarkets with medium-sized sales areas. Its advantages lie in its modular design: with a depth of 80 cm and a height of 200 cm, it fits through all standard doors. It can also be integrated into small technical rooms because it is compact and the module with the liquid collector can be set up separately if necessary.