Modernized chests for frozen products


Epta has redesigned and modernized both the Crocodile SW/Agora SW and Tortuga/Galaxie & Cosmos Eco deep freezer chests, aligning their design with the GranFit/SkyEffect product family. This allows both units to seamlessly integrate with the high and semi-high deep freezer shelves of the family. Crocodile SW/Agora SW is suitable for presenting ice cream and other frozen products. The newly developed straight glass sliding lids combine high transparency with robustness and are designed not to fog up quickly. The remote deep freezer unit is 107.5 cm deep and available in lengths of 188, 250, and 375 cm. As a head unit, it is 223.6 cm long.

Improved product visibility

Tortuga/Galaxie & Cosmos Eco is a double-walled deep freezer chest, now available with high-quality brushed stainless steel bumper rails upon request. The unique feature of this unit is the three-part, curved glass sliding lid with a movable center section. This design allows for significantly fewer rails to be used, improving visibility of the products. Additionally, the glass panels are highly insulated and anti-reflective. The unit is available with a depth of 180 and 200 cm, as well as lengths of 188, 250, and 375 cm; 173 and 202 cm for the head unit. The color and material of the upper and lower front panels are customizable, and the plastic parts are available in either dark or light gray. Both deep freezer chests feature a very tall front glass panel (40 cm) and anti-reflective glass side panels.