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The multinational Epta Group stands for excellence in refrigeration and cold technology solutions. Its services encompass a wide range of offerings, including commercial refrigeration systems, refrigerated display cases, and integrated cold chain solutions for various industries. The name "Epta" originates from Italy, where the company has its roots. For more information about the motivation, actions, and solutions of the group, visit the new corporate website at WWW.EPTAREFRIGERATION.COM.

For those who have always wanted to know how the family business founded by Luigi Nocivelli evolved into an internationally operating corporate group with eleven production sites worldwide, they can find out more there. One thing is already revealed: the Greek number seven, έπτά, and thus his seven children, served as inspiration for the naming by Luigi Nocivelli.

Benefits through diversity

Even today, under the leadership of his son Marco Nocivelli, the family and employees play a very important role in the company. They all live and embody the values ​​of the Epta Group, which were established by the company's founder. Inclusion and diversity are indispensable in a globalized world. This also applies to an internationally operating company like the Epta Group. Therefore, the company promotes both aspects as part of its corporate culture and utilizes the benefits that arise from them. Equally important is the continuous training and development of employees. This creates the best conditions for excellent work performance and ensures that the latest technology is always considered in new developments. You can also read online about which skills are particularly promoted and the values ​​that are lived within the group.

Provider of complete systems

People are also at the center of the offer from the Epta Group. 'We realize all our ideas, investments, projects, and technologies in the field of refrigeration for one reason: to provide millions of people around the world with simple, safe, and sustainable consumption options,' explains CEO Marco Nocivelli. With the combination of products, services, technologies, and ideas, the group aims to be the perfect partner in all areas of commercial refrigeration. The provider of complete systems for the food retail, food industry, as well as the Horeca and Food & Beverage sectors, not only impresses with its refrigerated display cases, cold rooms, and refrigeration systems. Its unique selling proposition is comprehensive service: it starts with retail design from EptaConcept, extends to the installation and commissioning of refrigerated display cases and refrigeration systems, their maintenance and remote monitoring, and ends with the 24/7 service center and spare parts management.

Commitment to climate protection

On the corporate website, you will also learn why sustainable innovations are so essential for the Epta Group, in which areas it is committed to environmental, climate, and resource protection, and how it manages to minimize environmental impact with new projects while ensuring sustainable economic development that enhances people's well-being.