Regional and Homemade: design for the presentation of meat products

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Nature served as inspiration for the design of EptaConcept for a butcher's shop, whose sales area was to be completely modernized. With the use of light colors, wood, and the Eurocryor Panorama Meat counter, a warm atmosphere was created, highlighting the homemade products.

In addition to designing traditional market areas such as a fruit and vegetable section, EptaConcept also offers a comprehensive package for specialty stores. For example, the complete modernization of a butcher's shop: Using the floor plan as a guide, EptaConcept designer Petra Chmelova created a design that emphasizes the shop's own meat and sausage production as well as homemade goods. To underscore that the meat and sausage products are made naturally and without additives, the designer opts for natural materials like wood and colors found in nature. Thus, the new sales area of ​​the butcher's shop is dominated by light tones such as sand, taupe, cream, and sage. Behind the long counter on the back wall, elegant black is used to emphasize the quality and value of the products. There, the head of a cow is depicted, peering out from its stall, symbolizing the shop's own meat and sausage production.

Panorama with wooden fronts

To ensure that customers immediately notice the products upon entering the butcher's shop, they are prominently displayed: on one hand, in wooden shelves shaped like a house, reflecting the company's regional focus. On the other hand, in the long Eurocryor service counter Panorama Meat with its bright wooden fronts, where besides meat and sausages, cheese, delicatessen, and hot dishes are also offered. The refrigeration unit features a fully glazed top without any crosspieces, giving it an elegant and minimalist look. Integrated into the 15-meter-long counter stretch is a fully glazed tower module, serving as an eye-catcher and particularly suitable for presenting high-quality meat.

Optimal lighting

As part of the Stili product family from Eurocryor, Panorama Meat is equipped with the Dynamic System. This system maintains humidity levels above 90 percent without the need for a humidifier. This means that the food does not need to be removed from the counter in the evening but can remain overnight. Employees greatly appreciate this simplification of their work. To showcase meat and sausage products perfectly, Multicolour LEDs are used in the counter. The 35 cm long light strips can be individually adjusted to the desired color, ranging from white to pink. This allows each category of products to be illuminated with the optimal light for them.