The supermarket as a large overall work of art


In November 2021, the EDEKA store "Treugut" opened its doors on Bülowstraße in Berlin. With a unique design concept and a special shopping experience, owner Sandra Treugut aims to convince her customers. For the fresh food section, she exclusively chose refrigeration units from Epta – and states that she would make the same choice for every new store.

Street art and local flair. Skateboard lamps on the way to the Milky Way. In the new EDEKA store "Treugut" in Berlin, there's a small surprise waiting around every corner of the nearly 1000 square meter sales area. For example, a halfpipe for finger skateboards, a blue sky in the fruit and vegetable department, or a wall graffiti. The unique and innovative street art design characterizes the market, fitting perfectly into its surroundings on Bülowstraße in the Schöneberg district, with its street shops, graffiti, and international population. Owner Sandra Treugut knows the area well; she spent much of her youth there. "We didn't plan the street art in the sales area; it evolved in the process with Berlin artists," she explains.

Platform for local start-ups

In the assortment of her third store, the independent businesswoman increasingly focuses on regional products and fewer standard items. To achieve this, she collaborates with numerous Berlin-based start-ups and offers products such as Bottled Cocktails from Krass, Roy Kombucha, Quartiermeister Beer, and Tim's Muffins. Bowls from Good Bank are also available: freshly prepared in-store, they vary depending on the season and can be ordered vegetarian, vegan, or with meat. Organic foods account for nearly 14 percent of total sales, and their share is expected to increase further in the future. Additionally, customers will find a section with unpackaged foods that they can fill into their own containers.

Fine Coast next to the Milky Way

The creativity of the businesswoman and her team is also evident in the fresh food section. Instead of conventional names, the individual product categories are named Fine Coast, Milky Way, Green Wave, Beef 'n' Fish, and Frosty Stuff. Here, a total of 60 meters of refrigeration units from Epta are used. The approximately 800 frozen items are presented in the SkyView freezer and the Cosmos eco freezer chest from Bonnet Névé. "I really like the freezer chest as an island, even in the aisles," says the 43-year-old. "I'm also excited about it because the lids can be slid up. This has so many advantages: you can easily reach the price labels, the chests are easy to clean, and customers don't get in each other's way pushing the lid down."

Optimally serviced

For Sandra Treugut, the doors and lids on refrigeration and freezer units have another effect: "They are modern and a sign that signals to the employees: We are keeping up with the times." A focal point above the freezer island are the modern gray and orange lamps, which harmonize very well with the refrigeration units and the street art on the walls. The retail businesswoman is convinced of the aesthetic and sturdy refrigeration units: "I would equip every additional store with Epta furniture again. Additionally, I have a great customer representative in Frau Ratsch. She has incredible expertise, always makes good suggestions, and I can fully rely on her."

Shopping as an experience

What leads Sandra Treugut to success in brick-and-mortar retail? "A unique shopping experience is the only way to differentiate oneself from online retail and to be successful," she says. "This requires friendly and competent employees so that customers feel comfortable and get their products. I also find it important to constantly offer something new. With the market on Bülowstraße, we're taking it a step further and making art a part of the experience."