History of Epta in Germany

The beginning of a leader company
The company Brown, Boveri & Cie AG (BBC), based in Mannheim, founded a new department to meet the ever-increasing demand for refrigeration technology. In order to be able to supply the German and European markets across the board, the company is entering into a cooperation with the internationally active refrigeration machine manufacturer York. In 1970 BBC-York was created and in 1991 it because of York International Corp.

Nocivelli inglobes the business in the Italian Group 
In 1997, the brothers Gianfranco and Luigi Nocivelli bought the commercial refrigeration division of York International and founded BKT Bonnet Kühltechnik GmbH, which was incorporated into the Italian Elfi Cold group.

A new central warehouse
In 1999, a new central warehouse was founded in Brühl near Cologne in Germany. Storage area: 5,000 square meters. From there, all customers receive spare parts and assembly materials.

Mannheim at the center of the business
In 2001, BKT built a service center in Mannheim. Since then, customers from all over Germany have had a central point of contact to report problems – around the clock, 365 days a year. In 2004 Elfi Cold was renamed Epta. Luigi Nocivelli's family is now the sole owner.

Epta Deutschland is a leader in the region 
In 2005, the previously legally independent companies BKT and Costan were transferred to the new Epta Deutschland GmbH. 

An undisputable leader in Commercial Refrigeration in Germany
Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Epta S.pA. have founded a joint venture for commercial refrigeration technology in Central and Northern Europe. 
Thereby it is intended to strengthen the company's position as a full-service provider with a comprehensive range of sustainable products and services as well as a nationwide presence in Northern and Central Europe.
In addition, Epta S.p.A. is taking over Heifo's refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology division. Under the new company name Heifo Kältetechnik GmbH, Epta is continuing its expansion in Europe and can now offer its customers in northern Germany an even more comprehensive all-round service. 


Certified quality products

The Epta Group has introduced an integrated management system in its production facilities that consistently coordinates all processes to achieve very high quality with respect for the environment. The company's goals are, on the one hand, aimed at working with customers in the best possible way and providing them with innovative and sustainable solutions. 

On the other hand, all Group locations are encouraged to continually improve the integrated management system (IMS). In this way, the greatest possible efficiency can be achieved in production processes and the safety and health of employees can be optimally protected. 

The principle of total quality management is a main driving force for the group. 

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 certificates prove this. All standards have been tested and certified by independent companies and confirm the company's quality management. This system also ensures safety at work and in production processes as well as the protection of energy resources and the ecosystem.

Epta Germany, like the entire Epta Group, is committed to outstanding performance. The following Epta Group certifications confirm this.



A safety certificate for the manufacturing sector that sets standards for safety, health and environmental protection.


Eurovent Certification

Certifies the performance data of air and refrigeration products according to European and international standards



 Specific criteria concerning the collection, handling and recycling of electrical and electronic waste


PED 2014/68/EU

Certification of the design, production, inspection and compliance of pressurised equipment and sets of equipment.