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Edeka Förster in Fürstenwalde 

Service counter with great advantage

In August 2023, the first Edeka opened its doors in Fürstenwalde. Owner Marcel Förster relies on refrigeration and freezer units from Epta. This is also because the dynamic system integrated into the Bistrot service counter represents a significant ease of work. Especially in times of skilled labor shortages, this is a major advantage

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Edeka center Pauli in Remscheid

Contender for the “Most Beautiful Edeka Market Rhine-Ruhr”

An extensive selection of regional and trendy products, a large island-shaped fresh food counter and an attractive sales room design make up the new Edeka-center pauli in Remscheid. Recently opened, the Pauli family relies exclusively on refrigerated and frozen furniture from Epta to present fresh and frozen products.

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Training and further education with a future

Epta opens its own training center in Mannheim

With the recently opened training and education center in Mannheim, Epta wants to give aspiring refrigeration technicians the necessary tools for their theoretical and practical training. Trained refrigeration specialists should be continuously trained in new, innovative technologies.

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Restore your Future mit dem Epta Sustainable System

Kühlmöbel mit Energieeffizienzklasse A und B, intelligente Funktionen für Kälteanlagen und Kühlmöbel sowie nachhaltige Innovationen in der Kältetechnik: Die Epta-Gruppe präsentierte auf der diesjährigen Euroshop ihre
Produkte und Ideen für eine nachhaltige Kältetechnik der Zukunft – mit großem Erfolg.

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